Old vintage of Sauternes
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Old vintage - Sauternes

Since the resumption of this cru classé in 1981, Jacques Philippe Guignard have preserved a number of bottles of each vintage in order to propose, twenty years later, this exeptional Sauternes wines to celebrate some occasions like birthdays or weddings. With the time sirupy wines show the complexity of flavors. Sometimes a deposit may form in the bottle, it is a natural phenomenon which does not affect qualities of wine.

The 1855 Classification
The 1855 Classification was ceated to present the most famous Bordeaux wines at the Paris Universal exhibition. Yhe responsibility for drawing it up was given by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce to the "Bordeaux Trade Brokers". The idea was to establish a classification based on many years of trade experience, which was the recognition for each estate of its terroir and reputation. It is a prestigious recognition, and subsequent owners have always upheld the honour bestowed on them in 1855. They have endeavoured to maintain and even improve the quality of the wines that earned them this aknowledgment.

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